Need a location for your child’s birthday party in Newmarket?

Tricks with Bricks is the only destination in Newmarket for a LEGO® themed birthday party. We have designed unique, fun-filled experiences to create lasting memories. This year, enjoy an awesome LEGO®-themed birthday party and watch the smile that lights up your child’s face!  The sky is the limit with a Tricks with Bricks birthday party, where kids build a LEGO®  set or create LEGO® models from their imagination, and compete in exciting building challenges – full of fun and prizes for all!

Whether your little LEGO® fanatic is just starting out, or is a master builder, our unique party experience is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Choose from one of our many LEGO® Party themes –  Race Cars, Star Wars, NINJAGO, Superheroes, LEGO® CITY, Friends, Elves, Disney Princess, Minecraft, Harry Potter,  Robotics, DUPLO®, DUPLO® Build & Take™, Free play and Creative Building_ there is something for every LEGO® enthusiast to enjoy!

The only thing left for you to do is call today to give your child the gift they deserve … Click “Book a Birthday Party” , customize your party package, and get ready to experience an unforgettable moment in your child’s life.


Do you want to have a LEGO®  theme home birthday party? 

No Problem! We have you covered. Kids love to play and build with the large assortment of LEGO® bricks, special elements and minifigures we bring to the parties.  We put a smile on parents’ faces too, when we come to your home or party venue with all the materials needed for a unique LEGO® party entertainment experience, hosted by our professional, trained LEGO® Leaders. All you have to do is enjoy the fun!

Race Party

Racers, start your engines and get ready to build and race your own custom-designed LEGO® race cars! The excitement hangs heavy in the air as party guests build, test and modify their cars, in their quest to increase performance and speed, to win the LEGO® Grand Prix Cup! Smiles abound as the children compete in multiple heats, leading up to the final race. The applause is exuberant, as everyone celebrates both the winner and themselves for their successes. Reflecting their efforts, trophies are presented to all guests to recognize each individual’s achievement on the track. With a gift for the Birthday Child, Racing Trophies and prizes for all, the day will end with smiles and happy memories to last the whole year long!

Friend’s Party

Welcome to Heartlake City, the home of the LEGO® Friends! “The City of Friendship” is the perfect place to go on an adventure and have fun with your friends! Olivia recycles almost anything to invent new things. Emma is an expert at giving makeovers to people, pets and rooms! Andrea loves to play music, sing, cook and play computer games! Mia likes spending her time outside taking care of animals. Stephanie is great at organizing fun things like soccer tournaments, parties and shows!
Whatever you do, you know it’ll be a blast playing with the greatest Friends ever! This special party will be a surefire hit with your daughter and her friends. The fun is non-stop and the excitement will be evident in their happy voices and the smiles on their faces. Following the build and play time, our enthusiastic LEGO® Leaders will engage the children in party games, with prizes for all! This is the party of a lifetime for any LEGO® Friends fan, an unforgettable experience that will be remembered for many years to come!

Build & Take™ Party

Kids always want to keep the LEGO® that they play with – and now they can!  Give your child and all of his/her friends the joy of putting together their own authentic LEGO® building set, and actually getting to take it home to remember this special day!  In a Build & Take™ Party, we spend time with each child to help them build their chosen set, which they will then be able to have “for keeps”! Bursting with creativity and imagination, children will also have the opportunity to engage in creative building with our large assortment of LEGO® bricks, special elements, and minifigures. The party ends on a high note, as they play LEGO®-themed games, with prizes for every guest – and a smile on every face!

Star Wars Party

“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away …”

Battle the Forces of Good and Evil!  Kids will have tons of fun reliving scenes and storylines from the popular Star Wars movie series.  Help the Jedi protect the Galactic Republic against the Separatist territories that threaten to secede, and join in the battle on Geonosis, as the Clone Wars begin to sweep through the galaxy.  Challenge Sebulba, star racer of the Galactic Podracing Circuit – and a reckless, violent, cheater – to a race in your version of the Boonta Eve Classic.  Join the dark side of the Force as Darth Vader offers his son, Luke Skywalker, to Emperor Palpatine – a.k.a. Darth Sidious, dark lord of the Sith – and then destroys him when Luke’s life is endangered. Kids will go wild at the chance to build and play with their own Star Wars sets and structures! Following the build and play time, our enthusiastic LEGO® Leaders will engage the children in party games, with prizes for all! This is the party of a lifetime for any Star Wars LEGO® fan, an unforgettable experience that will be remembered for many years to come!