Our exciting week long program is one of the coolest day camps around! It will be a fun time learning how to design, build and program robots to solve exciting challenges based on real world problems.


Hands-on with 21st Century Skills

Robotics is a highly engaging way to learn 21st century skills including critical and computational thinking, problem solving and creativity. Kids learn coding skills to understand how technology work in real-world application. They also gain engineering and design skills by building robots that actually function, move and respond to stimuli. Because they are paired up in teams, they learn valuable communication and teamwork skills along the way, giving them valuable skills for the future.

Differentiated Learning

At LEGO® Robotics Camp, children create, build, program and operate robotic animals, machines and vehicles using LEGO® Education Robotics and computer programming. We place your child into age/grade  level appropriate activities based on skill, ability, experience and preference.


Every Camp is Unique

Every week students work on specific projects. We plan different activities customized to the mix of returning and new students, so that no returning student ever does the same thing over again, but instead is given a harder challenge as they progress in their robotics and programming skills.